Piscifun® Sword Weight Forward Floating Fly Line

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Piscifun Sword five colors Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line with Welded Loop 


The best designed and most versatile line for all around trout fishing-whether beginners or experts.
The longer head and bigger diameter make it a dream to cast.
Braided core for lower memory for any weather conditions.
Integrated Slickness additive is integrated throughout the PVC layer to provide lubrication for maximum distance, performance and durability.
New sleek and enhanced welded loop make leader attachment quick and easy while holding up to repeated use. Helps to transfer energy more efficiently to the leader allowing better turnover.Line spools carry with heated wood flavor.
The best designed and most versatile line for all around trout fishing.Put the odds in your favor with this weight-forward trout fly line. An innovative weight-forward taper combined with slightly larger line diameters produces a line that is ideal at close to medium range, but is still capable of delivering at distanc.

There is no longer any reason to overpay for high quality fishing tackle. Piscifun offers everything serious anglers need in a fishing tackle at fraction of the price of other brands.

The Package Includes:
1*Fly Fishing Line

SKU: LE045-C