Piscifun® Fishing Tackle Backpack Storage Bag Fishing Gear Bag

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Fishing Tackle Backpack Highlight
  • Ergonomic Back System.
  • New fishing rod holder system, the rope buckle is triple fixed, so that the center of gravity of the fishing rod is close to the backpack.
  • Large storage space, can hold 3600 fishing boxes*6 or 3700 fishing boxes*4,16 storage spaces in total.
  • 600D Oxford cloth material, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and rain-proof.
    Core Features

    【A revolutionary way to organize your fishing boxes】Separate fishing box storage board, which can place four 3600 fishing boxes on both sides (and two more 3700 fishing boxes), which can be taken out quickly. When going out for non-fishing, take out the fishing box board as a whole and hang it at home , taking into account the needs of use in multiple scenarios, and the space utilization rate inside the backpack is greatly improved, up to six 3600 fishing boxes or four 3700 fishing boxes can be placed alone!


    【Brand-new design of the carrying system】 It adopts the form of a vertically placed fishing box, which makes the backpack closer to the user's back and keeps the center of gravity evenly stressed. The padded backrest design makes it more comfortable to carry and will not fall backwards. At the same time, the top of the shoulder straps are designed with front and rear adjustment, and the middle herringbone allows for air circulation.


    【The new fishing rod binding system】It made of anti-scratch and wear-resistant Hypalon material, which is easy to take and take. The upper and lower rope buckles are triple fixed, so that the center of gravity of the fishing rod is close to the backpack, reducing shaking on the way. And it is suitable for carrying a variety of tools with similar handles.


    【Three-layer bag design】The first layer is dedicated tool storage area, hard shell, to protect the safety of personnel and prevent tool damage, the second layer is for personal clothing or food storage, and is separated from the third layer fishing box storage area to avoid clothing and food polluted. There are a total of 16 storage compartments in the all-inclusive package, with a capacity of up to 40L, to avoid capacity anxiety.


    【Detachable small side bag】 It can be used as a waist bag, magnetic opening and closing, can be taken with one hand, can be directly hung on the belt, during fishing, it is more convenient to carry some items, hidden water bottle bag, rely on elastic to fix and tighten the water bottle , beautiful and easy to use; the top sunglasses case, zipper closure, quick access, increase the waist bag design on both sides, more storage space.

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