Piscifun® LCD Line Counter Digital Fishing Reel 6.2:1 Baitcasting Reel

$99.99 USD
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One Year Warranty

【Value-Packed Power & Performance】Featuring an 8+1 bearing precise falling system and a dependable carbon drag system with the powerful 24lbs of max drag, the digital reel can handle whatever fishing situation it faces throughout the day.

【LED Luminous Smart Display】The intuitive displays record the number of outgoing meters for fishing in real-time, which can offer 100% accuracy and stability during controlling bait flight and improve gaming fun with water resistance.

【Professional Precision】The one-piece composite materials provide the digital reel with high strength and lightness, and CNC machined gear with a ratio of 6.2:1ensures even line lay and a smooth retrieve.

【User-Friendly Design】The extended handle with thermostatic carbon grip gives you long-lasting power and instant comfort. In addition, the fine-tuning knob, wire release switch, and simple battery replacement can satisfy your needs. Long-acting night vision can be used in different light conditions making this reel a good tackle for anglers.