What is the Contributor Program?

 We offer opportunities to put hunting/fishing gear in the hands of experienced hunters/anglers and talented writers like you, in exchange for blog articles published on TruWild Life.com

Program Highlights:

  • Free products for writing articles
  • Exclusive Contributor Discount Program
  • Opportunity to test new products before the general public
  • Monetary compensation for long-term contributors who can write at least 2articles per month for more than 3 months

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Has experience and enthusiasm for Hunting and/or Fishing
  • Enjoys writing and educating others
  • Ability to work collaboratively and patiently
  • Skills to develop and write engaging content
  • Ability to provide quality photos for Articles

To apply for the program, simply complete the application form here. After you submit your application, you will get a response from the Program Director if you have been selected to join the team!


1, Can I keep the product when I’m done?

Yes, you’ll be able to keep the product after the review.

2, Will I get paid to do the review?

We offer monetary compensation to for long-term contributors who can write at least 2 articles per month for more than 3 months.

3, Can I do a video review?

Absolutely! However, we require that all reviews have a writing component, if you want to add a video, that’s awesome. Some items are better demonstrated by visually showing how it works.

4, How long will I have to write the article?

Typically, we will provide 2 weeks to complete the article. However, it may require longer timeframes for a buying guide or gear review, especially if we want to assess the durability of repeated use of a product. In that case, we’ll discuss the expectations before a review offer is accepted.

5, Where will my article be posted?

We will post this article at TruWild Life.com. We might also share it on our social media accounts, emails, and other channels.