Piscifun® Saltflow High-Tech Rods For Offshore Saltwater Fishing

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Ground-breaking middle threaded structure for balance and perfect blank load

ꔷ Exclusive CG1 composite blank for custom performance: 50% stronger and more sensitive

Sea-Guide® stainless guides with Zirconia ring for ultra-smooth casting

Sea-Guide® CNC heavy-duty aluminum reel seat and handle

ꔷ EVA grip for all-day comfort

Perfect with Piscifun Kraken X electric reel


【Well-Balanced Performance】Our patented MID-THREAD structure boasts a unique piercing design, ensuring optimal balance of fishing line tension allowing anglers to effortlessly reel in their catches.

【Solid Construction】Made with our exclusive "CG1" composite material and state-of-the-art laminating techniques, this rod boasts exceptional strength and resistance to twisting. It's specifically designed to handle battles with big fish like halibut, tuna , and grouper.

【SEAGUIDE® Accessories】Including stainless steel bracket, aluminum handle, and reel seat. These high-quality components securely fasten the fishing reel, providing exceptional stability and reinforcing the overall strength of the rod.

【All-Day Comfort】The EVA front grip offers a superior grip for anglers, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience.

【Corrosion-Resistant Materials】Crafted from 316L stainless steel, the leading ring reduces line friction, minimizing loss and exhibiting resistance to corrosion.

【Portable Convenience】The three-section design allows for easy disassembly and assembly, making it convenient to carry. Also for a seamless user experience with smooth connection indicators.


【Mid-Thread Structure】Our innovative "MT" (Mid-Thread) Structure, different from traditional Spiral Wrap or Acid Wrap structures, employs a central threading method through the middle of the rod. This changes the guides from the same-direction distribution to an upper and lower arrangement, moving the line path to the underside of the blank.
This breakthrough technology minimizes the blank's twisting torque during fish strikes without adding to the rod blank's material thickness or weight. As a result, the line tension is more evenly distributed during the fight, reducing the possibility of line breakage or losing fish.

【CG1 Construction】SaltFlow Sea Fishing Rod features the new brand-exclusive 'CG1' composite material (carbon fiber integrated with fiberglass molecules) combined with a laminated molding process. This gives the rod high strength while retaining excellent anti-twist properties, making it ideal for battling flounder, tuna, and other big fish. The 'CG1' material also enhances the rod's sensitivity and elasticity, allowing anglers to detect even the slightest bites. When paired with an electric reel, the rod's elasticity balances the pressure between the reel and the large fish during continuous reeling, providing anglers with precise and accurate control.


Length: 8'3''

Power: Heavy

Action: Fast

Line WT: 40-80lb

Lure WT: ≥10.5oz

Handle size: 12''

Number of rod knots: 3

Number of guides: 9+1Tip


The Most Balanced Sea Fishing Rod

Perfect Balance on Monster Fighting

By changing the guides from a same-direction distribution to an upper and lower arrangement using central threading, the groundbreaking Mid-Thread structure minimizes twisting torque during fish strikes. In this way, line tension is more evenly distributed, reducing line breakage and fish loss.

Perfect Balance of Strength and Sensitivity

With the optimum blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass, the rod is excellent for anti-twisting, and ideal for fighting flounder, tuna, and other big fish. Furthermore, the CG1 material enhances the rod's sensitivity and flexibility so anglers can detect even the smallest bites and control them precisely.

Perfect with Kraken X Electric Reel