TideWe® See Through Hunting Blind

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By TideWe

    Unique Invisible Design: TIDEWE hunting blind is equipped with three full panels of one-way see through mesh. This mesh delivers a 270-degree unobstructed wide view angle and allows hunters to see their surroundings.

    Hunting Conducive: TIDEWE’s hunting ground blinds are made of three sides noise-free sliding windows, which will assist you in remaining undetected while hunting. Brush-in loops with the camo that covers the entire blind give you the confidence that your blind will become one with surrounding habitat.

    Adequate Space: Dimensions: 65” height, hub to hub 75" x 75", and with a floor space of 58" x 58". TIDEWE hunting blinds can comfortably accommodate two or three hunters.

    Built to Withstand All Elements: TIDEWE’s hunting blinds are built with a tough metal hub, reinforced corners, and durable straps. Enabling the blinds to withstand the most inclement weather conditions you dare to be caught in rain, snow, and high winds.

    Easy to Carry & Assemble: Unique pop up design without a complex procedure, enables you to easily setup and take down the blind quickly. A lightweight portable carrying bag is also included with the blind. You can take the blind anywhere for deer hunting, turkey hunting, elk, and more.
    SKU: BL001-CG-V2-TE

    You Can See Out, But They Can't See In


    You can see out

    Our blind features 3 full panels of one-way see through mesh that delivers a 270-degree unobstructed wide angle view of your surrondings.



    Our hunting blinds feature three noise-free sliding windows, that will ensure you remain quiet and undetected in the woods.


    Adequate Space

    Our blinds demensions are:
    Height: 65"
    Hub to Hub: 75"x75"
    Floor Space: 58"x58"
    This design allows you to comfortably accommodate two or three hunters.


    Weather-Proof Design

    Our hunting blinds are build with a tough metal hub with reinforced corners to ensure it will withstand the toughest elements.