Master Fall Bass in Clear Water

How to Master Fall Bass in Clear Water

As the sweltering heat of summer gives way to the crisp, cool days of autumn, bass anglers eagerly anticipate the fall transition period. This time of year offers prime conditions for targeting bass in clear water, presenting unique challenges and opportunities. To succeed during this season, selecting the right equipment is crucial. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of fishing for bass in clear water during the fall transition and explore the advantages of using Piscifun rods and reels.
September 11, 2023
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fishing with piscifun chaos reel

All the Secret You Should Know About Log-Jam Flatheads

The term river monster is used to describe big game fish throughout the globe. Here in the Midwest, the Flathead Catfish is our river monster. Generally, fishermen in the Midwest are after walleye, salmon, panfish, bass, etc. Catfish and sturgeon are labeled as "less then traditional" despite their size. However, this trend is headed in the other direction. 
September 01, 2023
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the hunter in camo suit searches for prey in the grasslands

How to Select the Perfect Camo Pattern for a Successful Deer Hunting Expedition

Choosing the right camo pattern can be overwhelming with so many available options. But fear not, as we break down the key factors to consider, such as terrain, season, and personal preference. Whether you prefer a traditional woodland pattern or a more modern digital camo design, we have covered you.
August 08, 2023
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Spring Musky Fishing Tips

Spring Musky Fishing Tips

Learn how to catch muskies in the spring by focusing on baitfish rather than relying on standard bait. This post provides tips on how to find baitfish and offers strategies like using smaller bait and power fishing. Try these techniques to get more muskies!
May 25, 2023
Spring Nothern Pike Fishing Tips

Spring Nothern Pike Fishing Tips

Learn tips on spring northern pike fishing! From finding spots to employing fishing tactics and selecting lures and gear, this post will provide effective techniques to elevate your pike fishing endeavors. Implement these tips for an enhanced fishing experience!
May 24, 2023
How to Catch Stocked Trout

How to Catch Stocked Trout

Look for effective tips on how to catch stocked trout? This article will offer insights into the factors that influence the behavior of stocked trout, where and when to fish, what to use, and why it is challenging to catch stocked trout. Follow these techniques to increase your success on the water!
May 22, 2023
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How To Stay Safe Turkey Hunting Public Land

How to Stay Safe in Turkey Hunting on Public Land

Discover how to stay safe in public turkey hunting. Ranging from knowing boundaries, asking questions, and keeping distance, to becoming a weekend warrior, this post will show you effective techniques to keep you safe. Use these tips to start a safe and successful turkey hunting on public land!
May 17, 2023
Predator Trapping for Spring Turkey Hunting

Predator Trapping for Spring Turkey Hunting

Learn how to trap predators that threaten turkeys! This post will offer you techniques for predator trapping, including preparing trap baits, finding trap locations, and disposing of trapped predators. Reduce the number of turkey predators and increase your chances of harvesting more birds this spring!
May 16, 2023
How To Hunt Turkeys From Roost

Best Tips for Hunting Turkeys from Roosts

Discover tips for hunting roosted turkeys! Ranging from scouting the terrain, understanding morning habits, avoiding overcalling, and setting up early to waiting patiently, this post will show how to improve your success in roosted turkey hunting! Also, the post will tell you how to find roosts, how to call roosted turkeys, and what sounds to make. Equipped with these techniques, you will be successful in your upcoming turkey hunting season!
May 15, 2023
How to Fly Fish in Inshore Saltwater

How to Fly Fish in Inshore Saltwater

Learn how to fly fish in inshore saltwater! From upgrading your saltwater fly fishing setup to understanding tide, locating the shoreline spots, and finding the ideal time to fly fish, this post covers it all. Learn these effective techniques and start your next fly fishing adventure today!
May 10, 2023
Effective Strategies for Decoy Placement in Turkey Hunting

Strategies for Effective Decoy Placement in Turkey Hunting

Learn how to effectively use and place decoys in turkey hunting! This post will show you different decoy placement strategies. Strutter and dominant Jake decoys are effective for territorial birds while posturing Jake decoys work for docile turkeys. Use these tips and consider the reaping technique as a last resort to fill your bag with turkeys this spring!
April 26, 2023
Best Tips for Hung up and Henned up Turkeys

How To Hunt Hung-Up and Henned-up Gobblers

Discover how to deal with hung-up and henned-up gobblers. This post will give you tips for different seasons. In the early season, try to separate gobblers from their hens. During the mid to late season, look for lonely gobblers and use aggressive calling. Moreover, use the reaping technique with a partner and maintain quiet. With these tips, you'll be better equipped to bag a big spring gobbler!
April 19, 2023