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By Jason Brenic | September 20, 2022

When it comes to Bass Fishing and selecting the right reel there are a TON of options out there. Sometimes it can become overwhelming and confusing trying to figure out which reel you need. In this article, I will review the different styles of reels for Bass Fishing and provide some clarification on which reel might best suit you for your style of fishing.

Choosing the Right Bass Fishing Reel for Beginners

The first thing you will want to consider when selecting a reel is the size of the species of fish that you are chasing and the style of fishing that you will be doing for that species. Since Bass are the most popular game fish species across the world, we will start by talking about how to select your reel for Bass Fishing. Generally, for bass fishing you are going to look at a Spinning Reel or a Casting Reel. Below I have outlined some of the key features for each style respectively.

Spinning Reels Casting Reels
- More Forgiving - Precision Casting
- Universal Handle - More Efficient
- Better Drag System - Power Reel
- Better with Finesse Presentations - Multiple Gear Ratios


Piscifun Carbon X IIIf you are going to be using a more Finesse presentation, you’re generally going to want to select a Spinning Reel like the Carbon X II. This style of reel allows for a buttery smooth drag system that pairs well with light line and a light Carbon X Spinning Rod.

It’s important to note that Piscifun has 2 different gear ratios in their Spinning Reel selection. The Brand New Auric 2000L is a 5.2:1 Gear Ratio, which is perfect for slowing down your retrieve. Several of the other Spinning Models from Piscifun boast a lightning FAST 6.2:1 Ratio, which allows you to keep up with Big Bass that make quick runs to the boat when hooked.

Piscifun Auric Spinning Reel

Techniques that would fall under a spinning reel normally include: Dropshot, Shaky Head, Tube, Wacky Worm, Spy bait and Hair-Jig.


Piscifun® Carbon XCS Baitcasting Bass Fishing Reel for BeginnersIf you are going to do a more Power Style presentation, that is where a Casting Reel like the Carbon XCS really shines. This style of reel will give you the casting precision that you need to put baits exactly where you want them quickly and efficiently. Often this reel is used when fishing around cover like Lily Pads, Wood and Vegetation because it has the drag power to get the fish out of the cover.

If you’re fishing around Heavy cover, then it’s time to consider stepping up to a Casting Reel with an Aluminum Frame like the Alloy M. An aluminum Frame ensures there is no “flex” in the reel housing when it is put under extreme pressure.

Overall, Casting Reels are normally used by more experienced anglers, as it takes some practice to avoid getting a “birds’ nest”. This is when the spool overruns the speed of the lure and causes the line to ravel over itself creating a tangle that resembles a Bird’s Nest.

Several Techniques that that would fall under a Casting Reel include Jig, Spinnerbait, Frog, Alabama Rig, Texas Rig, Buzz bait, Spook, Swim jig, etc.


Your reel selection ultimately depends on your skill level and your fishing style. As a beginner a Spinning Reel can often be a better selection; however, as you get more comfortable – don’t hesitate to step up and give a Casting Reel a shot!

Good Luck out on the water and Tight Lines!

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