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By Ryan Fair | October 24, 2022

With the holidays quickly approaching, the time to start that gift shopping is now. The 5 gifts below will not disappoint. They will for sure be the highlight for that special deer hunter in your life. I will cover the top 5 gifts below and what makes them special. This will also help give you a wide variety for that hard to buy for person.

#1 TideWe Heated Vest

This is for sure to be a hit. It comes in both men and women’s styles and several sizes from small to 3XL. It comes in 2 different color patterns black and camo. This makes it great for both hunting out of a blind or a tree stand. It comes with a battery pack that powers your vest and can also charge your phone. It offers 3 different heat settings and 4 different heating zones. It also offers overheating protection and shuts off once it reaches its maximum heat setting protecting you from getting to hot. This is not only the perfect gift for the deer hunter it can also be perfect for ice fishing, waterfowl hunting, and even casual use. Price ranges from $79.99 to $109.99, which is for sure a hit. 

tidewe heated vest for men and women black

#2 TideWe Trail Camera

The TideWe Trail Camera is perfect for the deer hunter after a certain deer. It is the perfect tool to help pattern that buck of your dreams. It is priced at 159.99 but with the built-in solar panel power supply running it you will save lots of money on batteries. Don’t worry It still has a spot for batteries as a backup power supply, so you don’t miss a picture or video. It has a built-in Wi-Fi signal allowing you to remotely connect to your camera to view and download pictures on the camera app. You can also adjust settings from your phone. When it comes to quality pictures and videos tidewe offers only the best day and night. This camera for sure will let you know what’s around when you’re not.

tidewe trail camera

#3 TideWe See Through Blind

This thing is packed with features. For $159.99 you get your money’s worth. By far the coolest feature is the 270-degree view makes sure you see game coming from any direction. It also offers sliding magnetic windows allowing you to open them silently when it matters most. It is built with a solid metal frame and heavy-duty material for sure to withstand the toughest weather conditions. It is lightweight coming in at only 13 pounds makes it easy to move and it will also fit 2-3 guys comfortably. This is the perfect blind for the deer, turkey, or even elk hunter in your life. Check out the hunting blind!

tidewe see through hunting blind

#4 TideWe Bino Harness

For those trying to be a little more budget friendly, the TideWe bino harness is a perfect gift. Coming in at $29.99 it’s the perfect gift to protect that expensive glass and it even comes with a range finder pouch. The harness comes with 4 straps to get it comfortable and secure. It is waterproof and has a durable outer shell and soft inner shell. It comes in two different sizes and two different colors Next Camo camouflage and brown. You pay 4 times that for most bino harness packed with all those features.

 TideWe® Bino Harness Binocular Pack

#5 TideWe Backpacks

The last product on the list is the TideWe backpacks. There are several different styles to choose from and the prices range from $39.99 to $129.99. These make a great gift for any hunter from the one that hikes into the back country for a 3-day hunt to the one that heads to the tree stand after work. They are made from high quality materials and have plenty of room for all your gear. They all come with a rain cover to keep your gear dry when it matters most. They each come with their own features so you will have to know a little more about the hunting style of your special hunter to get the right one.

    TideWe® Hunting Backpack HB001

    There are so many options when it comes to buying gifts for family and friends that enjoy the outdoors. TideWe makes it easy and budget friendly for those looking to satisfy those wish lists. Get some awesome deals and quality products for your loved ones today! 

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