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By Tasha Larsen | October 19, 2022

You wake up in the morning and feel a chill in the air for the first time since spring. The long heated days of summer are coming to a close and the bass is feeling it too. Before the leaves flash into reds and yellows and drift to the ground, the fish are gearing up for a feeding frenzy.   Daytime temperatures drop weekly and so do the nighttime lows. Bass thrive in warm water and their activity mimics their surrounding temperatures. As the water continues to chill, the bass becomes more lethargic. Fall fishing is a small window where the bass know winter is coming, but the water is still warm enough that they can swim quickly and strike with callousness.  

#1 Lures

Fall is a time to break out those bright red crankbaits, flashing spinners, topwater lures, and swim baits. These lures require reaction bites or strikes that come from actively feeding fish. Bass need to stock up on nutrients for the winter. They instinctively bring in more calories this time of year. Most of us anglers prefer the assault attack from a hungry fish on our lures compared to finesse approaches in the summer. Fall is amongst the best times of year to get the dramatic bites we are seeking.  

#2 Setup

The bass begins to move back up into more shallow water, cruising the shorelines for a substantial meal. Whether you choose to throw a square bill in the shallows or lipless crank mid-depth, you need a rod that matches the action of your lure. If you ever have thrown a crankbait on a light action rod, you know what I mean. It feels like you have foul-hooked a fish and are reeling it back in through mud. 

Depending on the size of your lure, you will need a medium to heavy action casting rod. The Carbon X Casting rod will be one of your favorite rods in your arsenal for long days of casting.  Made with carbon fiber it produces an extremely strong and sensitive rod. Pair that with the Carbon XCS Baitcasting Reel and you have a setup you can throw all day. The XCS reel is equipped with a carbon body weighing in at only 5.5oz and has a dual braking system that will help eliminate backlashes. This particular setup will help prevent any casting fatigue.

#3 Covering the Ground

The key to fall fishing is covering the ground. The bass should be schooling so search out shallow flats, long points, and shorelines with bait fish.  Bring your best confidence lures, as you need to keep that lure in the water to cover the ground to find the fish.  Don't overcomplicate the situation, bring colors that are visible for the water clarity in your environment. This time of year can be a feast or famine, so relax and remember to enjoy the process. 

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