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Looking for a comfortable option to chase down those spring turkeys. Run and gun style hunting has become very popular over the last few years and having the appropriate gear for the job will help you tag out! Backpacks will work but, what if you want to sit down quicky and hunker down to wait for that gobbler? We have the perfect option here at TideWe, and that is our trusted Turkey Vest! Not only is this vest versatile on the ground, it also has a large capacity similar to a backpack to carry your necessary items. In this article we will go trough the specific specifications of this vest and show you this is the ultimate vest for those spring birds.

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Let’s start off with the capacity! The TideWe turkey vest is designed with one large pouch and a variety of accessory pockets to hold your items. This allows you to stay organized on the go, while you’re chasing down those frustrating birds. 

It has more than enough external and internal pockets to carry my normal load including pot calls with strikers, a paddle call, mouth calls, shock calls, bug spray, face mask, gloves, flashlights, saw, pruning shears, gutting gloves, license, rangefinder, lens wipes, butt wipes, water bottle, snack bars, spare shells, and even a decoy. The main pocket can hold all of these items, and you still have considerable room for more. 

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Moving on, let’s touch on just how comfortable this vest is! Ergonomically designed our vests are equipped with an overly padded back and a thick sponge cushion for comfort even on long sits. Our 3” cushioned seat will allow you to remain comfortable anywhere you decide to sit.

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The padded back also offers a breathable mesh design allowing your body to breath when the weather is warm. Within the vest, you will install a stable metal frame with two legs that slide out creating the perfect back rest in any situation. Simply fold the legs out and adjust the height to get yourself comfortable, it’s as simple as that! The feet on the legs are adjustable to any type of terrain you are in.

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Quality and Durability

Our vests are built for hunters with trusted quality in mind. Our high performance fabric delivers an incredible feel and look that won’t be disturbed by the environment itself. TideWe has committed to giving you the ultimate hunting experience with durability in mind to keep you hunting longer. Our vests are also equipped with TruTimber camo patterns Strata, and HTC green, perfect for many environments. With many great customer reviews this is one of the most well built turkey vests on the market!

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If you are looking for the perfect solution for Turkey Hunting this Spring, be sure to check out our Turkey Vests - you will not be disappointed and are positive you’ll have a great hunting experience! Truwildlife backs all products with a 1-year warranty for customer satisfaction!

Good luck this season. Shoot straight and stay safe!


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February 07, 2023 — Cody Solberg


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