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By Cole Karsky | December 30, 2022

If you are in the market for some new hunting gear, TideWe offers a full array of options for both the new and seasoned outdoors person. While they offer many awesome accessories, trail cameras, and hunting blinds, their specialty is heated clothing to keep you warm. Every hunter can agree the longer you can sit while staying warm and comfortable, the more likely you will be able to harvest the trophy you are after! If you're looking to get just one piece of heated gear, consider the TideWe Heated Vest.


One of the best things about the TideWe Heated Vest is its versatility. It's made with a lightweight, waterproof, and windproof material that provides excellent insulation and protection from the elements. This makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, and more. 

You can wear it as your outer layer piece to cut the chill of fall morning and evening or as a base layer piece for those cold end-of-the-season sits. You can also use it as an everyday vest to go to work, get groceries, go shopping, or even if you're going out with friends.


The TideWe Heated Vest is designed to keep you warm and toasty in even the coldest of conditions. 


It has a built-in heating system and three heat settings (low, medium, and high), which allows you to adjust the temperature to your liking and ensures that you stay comfortable no matter how cold it gets. The heating elements are located in the chest and back of the vest, and they use advanced heating technology to distribute warmth throughout these areas evenly. 

The vest is powered by a rechargeable battery that gives you up to 10 hours of heated run time, making it easy to use and convenient for long days in the outdoors.


When it comes to outdoor activities, it’s important for hunters to move freely and easily without feeling weighed down or restricted. Whether you're hunting, fishing, hiking, or just enjoying the great outdoors, the TideWe Heated Vest is sure to keep you comfortable and flexible, no matter what you're doing.

The vest is made with a lightweight and stretchy material that conforms to your body, providing a comfortable and secure fit. It's also designed to be worn under your outer layers, so you can easily layer up without feeling weighed down or restricted. And the heating elements are not bulky at all. If you didn't know this was a heated vest, you would never know there were coil elements within the interior of the vest. 


The TideWe Heated Vest is available in two colors - black and camo to suit your personal style and preferences. 

  • Black: A classic and versatile color that goes with everything and is perfect for a wide range of activities.
  • Camo: A camouflage pattern that is perfect for hunting and other outdoor activities where blending in with your surroundings is important.

I personally went with Camo as I really enjoy wearing a vest as an outer layer piece in the fall.


In addition to its heating capabilities, the TideWe Heated Vest is also packed with features that make it perfect for outdoor activities.

It has multiple pockets for storing your essentials, a detachable hood for extra warmth, and reflective strips for added visibility in low-light conditions.


TideWe heated vest is an essential piece of my gear kit. It is a piece that is in the woods with me almost all the time. It allows me to add warmth to my core while not adding extra bulk to my arms. The fact that I can turn on the heat option to really heat my core is a huge bonus. You can now wear less bulky outerwear because you have the warmth of the vest under that layer. The Heated Vest from TideWe will allow you to sit longer, stay warmer, and in turn, allow you more opportunities to harvest your trophy.

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