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Is the Piscifun Platte Pro fly reel any good? Let’s judge it against each of these key attributes that define a superior fly reel:

  • Drag System
  • Line Retrieval
  • Weight
  • Aesthetics

Drag System of Platte Pro Fly Reel

Any angler who has caught the best fish of their lifetime knows how vital a smoothly functioning drag system is. Most fly anglers never get a fish “on the reel” until they pursue larger fish such as salmon, steelhead, and saltwater species. However, most state trout programs insert a few huge lunkers in various streams as part of their annual stocking plan. Tie into one of those massive beasts, and the fish of a lifetime is at the other end of the line. That is precisely when you want to have an exceptional drag system. 

The Piscifun Platte Pro fly reel has what you need. It is silky smooth, fully sealed against sand, grit, and water, and has a unique knob that spans the entire right-hand side of the reel. At first glance, the large knob may not appear to be necessary. The more prominent form factor allows infinite easy adjustments, even when using a gloved hand in cold weather. When fighting a large fish, the last thing an angler should have to contend with is trying to make adjustments to fine-tune the drag on a small knob. Think about it for a minute. On a small knob, one click of adjustment moves the knob through a greater angle, potentially activating more resistance than desired. Each click on a large knob moves across a smaller arc for gentle changes to protect a light tippet from breaking. Next, the actual construction of the drag is high-end. Most flyfishing reel drag systems rely on cork washers. The Platte Pro fly reel uses multiple carbon and polyester drag washers for exceptional durability. If you prefer to reel with your right hand, changing the Platte Pro fly reel from left to right-hand retrieve is not as simple as it is on their other fly reels. It takes several careful steps to flip the bearing.

The Piscifun Platte Pro drag is fully sealed.
The Piscifun Platte Pro drag is fully sealed.​​
No low-end cork! The reel uses carbon and polyester drag washers.
No low-end cork! The reel uses carbon and polyester drag washers.​​

Line Retrieval of Platte Pro Fly Reel

The interior spool, or arbor, of a fly reel, comes in three possible sizes – small, mid, and large. For each turn of the handle, a small arbor retrieves less line than a large arbor because it has a smaller circumference. Therefore, a large arbor allows the angler to retrieve line faster, landing the fish with less stress with the side benefit of having fewer tangles when casting. The Platte Pro fly reel has a large arbor – another huge plus.

Weight of Platte Pro Fly Reel

Fly fishing requires the angler to make more casting motions when one considers false casts in addition to the actual cast to the fish. Therefore, fatigue is possible if the combined weight of the reel, line, and rod is substantial. Since industry standards regulate line weight, the angler only controls the reel and the rod. The Platte Pro is competitive with other fly reels in the same class. For example, the Orbis Hydros IV (7/8 weight / $289) weighs 6.6 oz while the same size Platte Pro is 6.7 oz but only costs $129. The Platte Pro achieves its light weight while retaining strength using quality 6061 – T6 aircraft aluminum alloy. The reel is available in five sizes ranging from 5/6 wt up to 13/14 wt.

Aesthetics of Platte Pro Fly Reel

I would trade off looks for better performance any day of the week. However, I know others prefer equipment that is not only functional but beautiful. As a result of the CNC machining, the Platte Pro fly reel addresses both aspects. The large arbor, fully sealed drag, ability to precisely adjust the drag setting, and light weight all meet the most demanding functional standards. The design, supported by clean cuts, makes for an attractive package that looks great on any fly rod's end. The fact that the reel comes in four different color combinations makes it even easier to match it to the color of a fly rod.

Bottom line: The Platte Pro fly reel provides excellent value. It provides exceptional performance in an attractive package at a surprisingly low cost.


Steve Moore

Steve Moore

Steve was a regular columnist for Southern Trout Magazine, where he wrote the "New Fly Guy" column to provide fly anglers with tips, techniques, and other advice between 2012 and 2019. He also wrote the "Kayak Hacks" column for Southern Kayak Fishing magazine from 2015 to 2018. 


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May 31, 2023 — Steve Moore


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