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Winter is officially here and in full swing. Along with that, it brings the elements, bitter cold, strong winds, and falling snow. The dedicated ice angler still wants to get out and chase down that hot bite but doesn’t want to deal with the elements. Thankfully, Piscifun has you covered! Piscifun has an insulated line of shelters to keep you while and comfortable while out on the ice. The insulated line of Piscifun houses brings you two great options to fit your needs. They have the 2–3-person size and the 3-4-person size house. Each house gives you plenty of room for you and your fishing buddy to be warm and comfortable while out on the ice.

Amazing Built-in Skylight

Not only are the Piscifun houses spacious, but they also offer many amazing features. The feature that stands out the most is the built-in skylight. The skylight is innovative and allows natural light to be in the house. This keeps the house nice and bright. If you are like me and love to film your fishing adventures, the skylight is a great way to make sure your shot is well lit. You can check out the lighting on my YouTube channel, Beef Outdoors! Along with the skylight you have detachable windows. This allows you to vent them open as needed. Speaking of vents, the house has vents built into the upper wall to ensure there is plenty of airflow. Each house also comes with a heater hose pass through so you can keep your propane tank outside of the house and maximize the floor space.

Convenient Pocket Storage

Storage in the Piscifun houses is nice and easy. All of the houses include mesh storage on the ceiling. These are great to store things such as gloves, hats, and jackets. There is also side pouch pocket storage on the house walls. These are fantastic to slide your water bottle, tackle trays, pliers, and other accessories into. I always like to use one of those pockets for my trash for the day. Keep those lakes and rivers clean folks!

On the outside of the hub, you will find the tie down attachments. They are built extremely well and very sturdy. There are pockets on the outside of the shelter too where the tag line rope can be stored for securing the hub to the ice with the provided screw in stakes. These storage pockets are great because you know where your strap is always, and they can be tucked away so they will not flap in the wind. The skirt of the house is equipped with openings to screw in the stakes as well. There built in Velcro on the side so you can attach the door and keep it open. This is really handy while bringing in and out your gear for the day. In some states and provinces, you need to display a shelter license, and there is an attachment for that included on the outside of the Piscifun shelter. This is very useful in keeping you in compliance.

Impressive 300D Insulation

While all the features of this house are amazing, we have to talk about the insulation. The Piscifun house. The houses are built with 300D insulation this means that they can withstand colds up to -31 degrees Fahrenheit! That is some bitter cold right there! Personally, I have yet to feel the need to run my heater on any setting higher than low to be comfortable in this house. In fact, I have had to open windows to cool it down! I am very confident that when the gnarliest of cold weather comes knocking from old man winter, that this house will stand up to it and keep me comfortable and out fishing! Another point that needs to be brought up is how waterproof the house is. I was out fishing in a pouring rain and the Piscifun insulated house was bone dry on the inside. There was not one area of a leak and there was no dripping from the roof being oversaturated. When I got out of the house to pack up, the water beaded off the roof just like my premium rain gear. I was beyond impressed!  

Final Impressions

If you are in the market for a new house, look at the Piscifun line of insulated houses. They will keep you warm, comfortable, and fishing longer. Consumers will find an extremely quality house at a low price point that all Piscifun products have. You will not find a better bang for your buck house out there!


January 26, 2023 — M arketing


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