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Piscifun has come out with an ice house that has revolutionized the ice shelter market! It offers the most versatility and flexibility around while still offering that amazing Piscifun price point consumers have fallen in love with. Welcome, the 2-in-1 Ice Fishing Shelter! With one purchase, the consumer receives two 2-3person ice shelters that can be zipped together and combined into one 4-6 person shelter. You have options to fish comfortably alone, all the way up to 6 people with one house! Gone are the days of having multiple different sized houses and having to choose which one you will be bringing with that day.

Mutiple Features

Let’s start with some of the amazing features you will find in this house. The line of Piscifun ice houses come with a skylight built into them! This allows you to open the roof and have a window to let more natural light in. This is great for those low light periods and really brighten up the interior of the house. You can also use the roof window as an additional heat vent. Speaking of vents, this house also comes built in with air circulation vents. These are very important to keep air flow. The windows on the house are also detachable so they can be removed or partially opened as desired. Another amazing feature that is built into the house is a pass through where you can run the hose for the heater. This allows you to have your heater inside of the house and have your propane tank on the outside, passing the hose through the pass-through vent opening. This creates even more room in the already ample space this design has.

Plenty of Storage Options

Along with the ample floor space there is plenty of storage options built in. There are storage nets on the ceiling which are great to store things such as gloves, hats, and jackets. There is also side pouch pocket storage on the house walls. These are fantastic to slide your water bottle into, tackle trays, pliers, and other accessories. I always like to use one of those pockets for my trash for the day. Keep those lakes and rivers clean folks!

On the outside of the hub, you will find the tie down attachments. They are built extremely well and very sturdy. There are pockets on the outside of the shelter too where the tag line rope can be stored for securing the hub to the ice with the provided screw in stakes. These storage pockets are great because you know where your strap is always, and they can be tucked away so they will not flap in the wind. The skirt of the house is equipped with openings to screw in the stakes as well. There built in Velcro on the side so you can attach the door and keep it open. This is really handing while bringing in and out your gear for the day. In some states and provinces, you need to display a shelter license, and there is an attachment for that included on the outside of the Piscifun shelter. This is very useful in keeping you in compliance.

Lightweight and Flexible

You will fall in love with the versatility of this house. It is lightweight. Even when it is in its largest form, it isn’t a burden to pull along by foot. When it is just one 2-3 person sized house, it is no problem at all to carry on your own! I have fished it many times as a super roomy one-man house! It offers plenty of room to fish two adults and four holes in it. Where this house really shines though is being able to get the party started and have all your friends and family under one roof when it is expanded to its 4-6 person size! All you must do is zip off one side of each 2-3 person and zip them together! It is so quick and easy! Now you can have a blast with everyone fishing together! If you want to split up your group to go and find fish, simply unzip the houses and zip on the wall portion for each house back on and half of your group can go one way, half go the other and you can go find that bite! All of this is so simple and easy that you can spend no time at all expanding and downsizing the house size as you see fit!

Final Impressions

The 2-in-1 ice shelter from Piscifun is jammed pack with great features while still maintaining the great price point folks have come to expect with Piscifun. While this house may cost a fraction of the amount of its competitors, anglers can be assured they are not giving up any quality. Both the new ice angler and avid angler will be very satisfied with this house! If you are in the market for a new hub, look at the Piscifun 2-in-1 Ice Shelter. It will allow you to fish comfortably alone or with all your buddies. Let Piscifun help you enjoy your time on the ice!


January 22, 2023 — M arketing


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