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By Cody Solberg | December 4, 2022

Looking for the next best thing when it comes to waterfowl hunting gear? TideWe has created the ultimate waterfowl hunting jacket that is made for COLD and WET weather! Partnered with Veil Camouflage this jacket not only looks amazing, but it does it’s job in the elements. In this article I will walk you through the specs on this jacket, and what makes it the best fit for any waterfowl enthusiast.

(1 of 5) Veil Camo

First things first, yes, this jacket looks awesome! Veil Camo pattern Avayade is used on this jacket to help you blend into the environment you’re hunting. Knowing that wees and grass die off when things get chilly this blend of brown and tan will help keep you hidden. This is also an ever so popular digitalized camouflage for a sleeker look for users.

(2 of 5) Heating

Now, you’re probably wondering about the heating part of this jacket. Yup, it’s HEATED! This jacket is made available with a Li-Ion Battery pack that powers elements on the front and back of this jacket to keep you warm and cozy. With three different settings, high, medium and low you can choose just how warm you want to be. The high setting will heat the jacket to 130-degrees. The medium setting will heat the jacket to 115-degrees and the low setting will heat the jacket to 100-degrees. Now of course these settings are colored coded on the push button located on the top left-hand side of the jacket. Red means high, White means medium, and Blue means low. Using the elements is quite simple, by plugging the battery pack into a USB output on the inside pocket of the jacket, you’re ready to go! The full fleece lining inside the jacket helps hold that heat on the inside of your jacket ensuring you stay warm in some of the most brutal conditions!

(3 of 5) Filled with Pockets

This jacket is filled with pockets allowing you the most adequate amount of space! Two front chest pockets, one that is fully zippered and the other being a magnetized pocket! Both come in handy for storing valuables that you want in safe keeping. Obviously while walking in water the zippered pocket is a must. Deciding to possibly use this jacket for deer hunting, the magnetized pocket will keep things nice and quiet in the woods. Along with these two top pockets the jacket offers a MASSIVE kangaroo style pocket on the bottom that will keep your hands warm! Also help in carrying extra gear, as this pocket is fully zippered on both sides.

(4 of 5) Waterproof

It's raining? No problem this ½ jacket is 100% waterproof and can stand up to that pesky rain that could end some hunts. Our ½ zip design is a fully waterproof zipper leading all the way up to the hood, to ensure water does not leak through the zipper itself. Watch the water just bubble right off the jacket and hood to keep you 100% dry! With three solid layers of material this jacket will also block any wind that is getting blown your way. There really isn’t anything this jacket can’t handle!

(5 of 5) Affordable Price

Overall, this jacket has proven itself to be one of the most versatile waterfowl hunting jackets on the market today with an affordable price around $120! It’s durable and long lasting features will keep you in the blind longer on those cold and wet hunts whether you’re in the duck blind or in the deer stand.

Try the best bang for your buck today by checking out! You surely will not be disappointed with this awesome jacket.

December 04, 2022 — truwild life


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