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By Jason Brenic | November 6, 2022

The first major November cold fronts are on their way and so too is the Early Ice Season. My name is Jason Brenic and I’m the USVP of Marketing for Piscifun. More importantly, I am a lifelong Ice Fishing Maniac who thrives on chasing Big Panfish through the ice!

When it comes to chasing Big Panfish, I absolutely love using an inline-style ice reel. When Panfish reach a certain size, they become a bit more cautious about the bait presentation that you offer. There is nothing more frustrating than watching that BIG MARK come up to your bait and stare for what feels like hours, only to slowly swim away leaving you disappointed. That is where the Brand New ICX Frost comes into play.

I had the pleasure of using the ICX Frost last season as a prototype through some very blustery Winter weather conditions and I was blown away by the features of this awesome inline reel. I was able to land a TON of Giant Crappies and Bluegills last winter while testing it.

Let’s review some of the noteworthy features of the New ICX Frost.

  1. The ICX Frost Features an 8 Piece Magnetic Drop System, this system allows you to fully customize the fall rate of your bait in the water column. If you want a faster drop, simply open the side plate and remove a magnet or for micro adjustments use the knob for drop speed control.
  2. Sensitivity and weight are both key aspects when considering your next ice fishing combo. The ICX Frost has a Carbon Frame, which reduces the overall weight to 6.6 OZ. The Lightweight Carbon allows you to feel more through the blank of your rod.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, I love the smooth drag and fast gear ratio! It’s inevitable that you will at some point hook into a bigger game fish when targeting panfish. Bass, Pike and the occasional Walleye can really put an inline reel to the test. The incredible drag and fast gear ratio of the ICX Frost allows you to increase your odds of landing those big fish when they bite.

If you’re looking to get into the inline ice fishing reel category, the ICX Frost should definitely be at the TOP of your list. This reel is loaded with features. Whether it’s the smooth adjustable drop, the buttery smooth drag or the lighting fast gear ratio, this reel delivers great performance on the ice.

If you have questions on the ICX Frost, you can find me on Facebook at Jason Brenic or Instagram @jason_brenic.

Thank You everyone and be safe on the ice!

November 06, 2022 — truwild life


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